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Editor. Storyteller. Strategist.

I’m Tori Rubloff, a senior editor with a passion for diving into the human experience to create media that makes an impact, whether that's to educate and empower a target audience, tell an emotion-provoking story, expand reach, increase SEO visibility, or spur positive social change.

My goal is to help brands and organizations create engaging, thoughtful, relevant, curiosity-sparking content, and then deliver these in effective ways to reach strategic outcomes. I've found that the most influential media intersects data, new learning, story, and surprise. As such, I've created campaigns through feature articles, content series, data storytelling, interactive content, original survey-based research, blog posts, and video/audio/photo multimedia content.

Storytelling, asking questions, and thinking outside modes of habit are at the heart of what I do. I believe that pursuing the answer to a single question, no matter how trivial or overly ambitious, can fuel media that sparks minds and spurs action.

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Data storytelling featured on:

CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CBS News, NBC News, The Washington Post, MarketWatch, Rolling Stone, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Money, The Washington Examiner, Quartz, Fast Company, Real Simple, Insider, Better Homes and Gardens,, PC Mag, The Motley Fool, and more


Writing and multimedia published on:

  • Bankrate

  • ZDNet


  • WUFT News

  • Study Breaks Magazine

  • Her Campus Media

  • Her Campus: University of Florida

  • 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival


Master of Arts in Mass Communication

University of Florida, Aug. 2018

Fate of Faith in America

Tori Rubloff is the creative director, story producer, and website designer of Fate of Faith in America, a multimedia website that explores the current trends of how millennials are experiencing religion and spirituality and what that means for the future of religion in America.


To create a portrait of religion and spirituality in America, the project includes video, audio, photos, an editorial writing style, and data visualizations.

Created over the course of 1 year, this project aims to encourage religious open-mindedness, understanding, and tolerance, all of which are relevant in an American era that is wrestling with concepts of "the other," polarity, and divisiveness.

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